Kendre’ Streeter releases culturally conscience single “Strange Stains”

Indie artist Kendre’ Streeter releases new single “Strange Stains”. Streeter is most well-known for his 2020 anthem “A Change,” a single rooted in a cry for social justice and peace across the world, which charted at #20 in the DRT GLOBAL TOP 50 R&B/Hip-Hop charts; and at #31 in the DRT Global Top 150 independent charts.

His latest musical offering “Strange Stains” is a sequel to “A Change”. This song is his soul’s reflection of 200+ years of dehumanization that seems to continue to plague humanity, particularly those select few who call America home. Throughout his song, like that of a 3-part harmony, Streeter tells a story from three perspectives: past, present, and a hopeful future. Or, in other words: the power of legal privilege; the average citizen’s reality of unavailable privilege; and hopeful imagery where understanding of each other’s point of view prevents the worse from happening.

“I’ve had this song manifesting inside of me for a while; ever since I heard Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit”. I was conflicted because I wanted so desperately to believe we have moved on to brighter days. However, from the countless avoidable deaths in 2020, to the absurd arrest of Rodney Reese in Plano, TX. just days ago; life keeps reminding me that America’s stains, water the deeply rooted weeds of its unmet promises. Using my gift of music, I believe in-your-face realism will help transform minds towards change.”

Yes, American streets have stains. Yet with knowledge, communication, patience, LOVE, and realism by visionary artists, like Kendre’ Streeter, we can move closer to the human ideals of this promised America. This project was co-produced by Kendre’ Streeter and Melvin ‘Maestro’ Lightford.

Be on the lookout, in Fall 2021 when Streeter launches his EP, a blend of previously recorded gems, and new sounds that will take audiences on a journey of discovery, inspiration and hope.

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