Michael Kenner, Better known as MK Loaded. Is a recording artist from New York City. He is also the owner of 2323 Entertainment. Mk Loaded dropped his debut single in 2018 titled “Run Up The Bag”. This song alone had gained a ton of attention amassing over 60,000 streams on…

Brandon Robinson, Better known as his stage name Weekday is an on the rise recording artist from Phoenix, Arizona. Music has always been around him and his family. His mom and uncles actually had their own funk band in the 70’s called “Hot Frost”. They were a huge inspiration. While in high school Weekday dabbled in writing poetry and also making beats. Eventually his poetry turned into verses. He soon became a part of a group called “Syc Phyx” then he eventually formed into his own solo identity as Weekday.

Recently Weekday has released his new single “Meet Me Outside”. This song has already amassed well over 12.3 streams since its release. Weekday prides himself on remaining consistent and continuing the growth of his brand. Check out his new single below !

Forgottenboi is an on the rise recording artist. He has recently released a debut album titled “ Lost In My Feelings”. His single “Cutting Ties” Is beginning to trend all over the internet and be heard worldwide. His music is his escape from the world. It allows him to express his feelings into his artform. Be sure to check out his recent release ! Promise you will want to hear more.

Gabriel "Bonni3" Comfort

Hi ! I am a music artist and a publicist.

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